We love local


Good food and good people will build a stronger, safer, and kinder community.

As a fixture in Owasso since 1997, we strive to support our local community in any way possible. We have a keen appetite for giving back.

We try to support organizations in our community through in-kind donations and reduced menu pricing on fundraising events. We do genuinely care and carefully consider all incoming requests, however we will not be able to accommodate them all.

Unfortunately the number of applications seeking support will always exceed the funds and resources available and worthwhile programs cannot be guaranteed support regardless of merit. For this reason, we only accept requests from nonprofit organizations and local school programs at this time.

In order to accurately and fairly process each request, we require all requests be submitted in writing and dropped off at Trails End. Give us no less than 30 days to process your request. Not hitting this timetable may impact our ability to meet your request.

All requests are reviewed individually, and we may contact you for additional information or clarification. If you are not contacted within two weeks of your event, this is an indication that we possibly are unable to honor your request.

"Check them out.”

“Absolutely the best barbecue ribs anywhere. Catfish on Friday nights is incredible. Also, very few vendors in town support our school system more than Trail's End. That alone should earn your business..”